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How to Survive Shopping On Black Friday 

Going shopping on the worse shopping day of the year? 

Sometimes even if we take all the precautions, it's still not enough -- the stores and the police still have to do their part.

If you are shopping that day, brush up on a few tips on how to survive the nightmare.

In-N-Out Restaurants have been a So Cal favorite for generations. It has branched out up north and to surrounding states and still gaining ground. 

Arguably, the fast food chain claims to be the first (if not the first that is still existing) drive-thru restaurant. We all know that So Cal is king of to the fast foods and the drive thrus -- who was the first is still a toss up. 

Locals also know of the not-so secret menu items and a few know of a "secret" printed on the cups and wrappers. Read up to find out what these are.

Homeless in Los Angeles

Homelessness is a huge and growing problem worldwide and also in Mainland U.S.A. Los Angeles is home to the glitz and the glamor of tinseltown -- Hollywood, Disneyland, the beaches  -- Baywatch and downtown LA. But behind all these, is the lingering problem that is hard to ignore.

If you'll visit Los Angeles, then be prepared to encounter homelessness if not hopelessness in real life.